10 tips for positively supporting your reactive dog and keeping them safe

Reactive dogs are not easy dogs. I know. I've had two. Our first girl Rita, now 14 years old, used to be dog selective, some she would LOVE and happily play with for ages, others, not so much and in fact she would to try and kill them (She would latch on and shake them until you separated them from each other, often resulting in the other dog being injured). Rita was not only dog reactive but also responded to some humans in very much a similar manner, walk too close when she didn't feel comfortable with you there and you'd get a snarly, toothy and growly response (don't even get me started on how she felt about the poor postman). Rita was out first dog. Far from the dog I imagined ending up with but alas, here she was. Unfortunately for Rita she came into my life before I knew anything about behaviour, training or even a dogs basic needs. I did her no favours and punished her harshly when she was reactive, because 'that's what i'd been told to do', that

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Helloooo and welcome to my new blog, I am Jenny Barker, a qualified behaviour consultant and trainer, working with horses, dogs and their pet humans to help manage and resolve behavioural problems (Pet Humans can be real haaaard work I tell ya ;) ) or just to help improve people's relationships with their animals. I am here because I want to share with you some of my knowledge. I have wanted a platform away from more popular social media (Facebook, instagram, twitter etc) for a while (as it causes me huuuuuuge anxiety hanging out on the platforms) and this space was recommended to me, and after investigation it seems pretty cool so I decided to give it a go. I qualified as an equine behaviour consultant with the natural animal centre a while back, and have continued professional development by taking part in other courses and CPD activities, and am excited to announce that I have been accepted for a place on a BSc degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. I worked in rescue helping t