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11 Tips for loose lead walking

 1) Know the reason!  Why is your dog pulling is the first question to ask? Is it just because they've never walked on lead before and don't understand the process yet? Is it because they know pulling gets them to where they want to go faster? Or is it because they're frightened and are trying to get away from something? Knowing this is vital, as a dog who is nervous or fearful is not in a place to walk well on lead, they need to feel safe first before any learning can take place.     2) Stand still   So many of us pop the collar / harness on our dogs and off we go for awell paced walk outdoors. Give your dog time to stand calmly with you, observe the world go by and actually process their environment rather than rushing from one sensory input to the next. Standing still and taking a deep breath every so often can make the world of difference.   3) Walk backwards You start to walk forward and the dog rushes to the end of the lead? Sound familiar?! This is because the dog

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